Train Rides

Train Rides

As promised, below is the timetable for our train rides.  To ensure that you are able to take a ride on this beautifully restored Railmotor, book your tickets early.  Tickets to ride the Railmotor will be on sale for the very affordable price of Adults $10 and Children $2 (primary school age), return.

There are five opportunities to book a seat and rattle over the country side on Saturday and six on Sunday.  Look through the timetable and make your choice.  Should you pack a small picnic basket for the journey?  This is a question that needs considering especially if there is a brief layover at either Caragabal or Bribbaree.  Unfortunately you will be unable to leave the train as there are no platforms or loading facilities at either site.  You have around 50 minutes to breathe in the fresh air as you rumble through the countryside and take pleasure in the glorious vistas spring has painted for you to enjoy.

Bookings for your adventure can be made by contacting Mrs Sue Priestley either via email or phone.  We would encourage enthusiasts to drop in and see Sue at the Quandialla Post Office or book tickets via email Our committee is working hard to ensure that everyone can take a trip back in time on the Railmotor and that it is easy to board and wheel chair accessible.

On Saturday, tickets can be picked up and paid for at the loading site in the Grain Corp rail yards, watch for the signs.  Tickets will not be available at the loading site on Sunday the 5th and must be picked up and paid for at the Information Tent near the Post Office.  Tickets will be marked with the time and number of your trip and cannot be transferred to other trips as spare seats can’t be guaranteed even though there are 120 seats available on each journey.

Tickets will be collected from passengers prior to boarding and you are encouraged to be on site 15 to 20 minutes before departure so that the train can leave on time.  We want everyone to enjoy their experience and be safe.  To do this we need people to stay within designated areas on both days and follow the instructions of workers helping people on and off the train.  People are also strongly discouraged, by NSW Rail, from taking shortcuts across the line at any time as this is an active main line.

Train enthusiasts may be able to purchase tickets on Saturday the 4th for the trip from Parkes and also for the Home Trip on Sunday afternoon to Cootamundra, further information regarding this will shortly become available.  These ticket will be on sale at the following rates – Adults $25, Children $15, and families $75.

Contact details for Booking:

Mrs Sue Priestley   Phone: 02 6347 1305    Email:



Saturday 04/10/2014
Trip 1:  pass Parkes Station 7.55am, Wirrinya 9.29am, Caragabal 9.52am, arrive Quandialla 10.17am
Trip 2:  depart Quandialla 10.35am, arrive Bribbaree 10.51am, depart Bribbaree 11.10am, arrive Quandialla 11.25am
Trip 3:  depart Quandialla 11.45am, arrive Caragabal 12.04pm, depart Caragabal 12.15pm, arrive Quandialla 12.22pm
Trip 4:  depart Quandialla 12.55pm, arrive Bribbaree 1.11pm, depart Bribbaree 1.25pm, arrive Quandialla 1.41pm
Trip 5:  depart Quandialla 2.05pm, arrive Caragabal 2.24pm, depart Caragabal 2.40pm, arrive Quandialla 2.56pm
Trip 6:  depart Quandialla 3.10pm, arrive Bribbaree 3.29pm, depart Bribbaree 4.05pm, arrive Quandialla 4.21pm, stable in Grain Road.
Sunday 05/10/2014
Trip 7:  depart Quandialla 9.30am, arrive Caragabal 9.39am, depart Caragabal 9.50am, arrive Quandialla 10.06am
Trip 8:  depart Quandialla 10.20am, arrive Bribbaree 10.36am, depart Bribbaree 10.50am, arrive Quandialla 11.06am
Trip 9:  depart Quandialla 11.30am, arrive Caragabal 11.49am, depart Caragabal 12.00noon, arrive Quandialla 12.19pm
Trip 10: depart Quandialla 12.38pm, arrive Bribbaree 12.54pm, depart Bribbaree 1.00pm, arrive Quandialla 1.16pm
Trip 11: depart Quandialla 2pm, arrive Caragabal 2.19pm, depart Caragabal 2.30pm, arrive Quandialla 2.49pm
Trip 12: depart Quandialla 3pm, arrive Bribbaree 3.16pm, depart Bribbaree 3.30pm, arrive Quandialla 3.46pm
Home Trip:  will depart Quandialla 5pm, pass Bribbaree 5.16pm, arrive Stockinbingal 6.03pm, depart Stockinbingal 6.08pm, arrive Cootamundra West 6.46pm, depart 6.56pm, arrive Cootamundra 7.01pm, stable Sutherland Siding
Consist: 3 x CPH Rail Motors
Length: 42 metres/Weight: 75 tonnes
Train to be crewed by LVR employees