Art Show

Art Show

Quandialla_Centenary_Logo4th 5th 6th October 2014 at Quandialla Central School COLA

There is definitely fun to be had at the Quandialla Centenary celebrations.  One of the many events planned for the October long weekend is the art show which is to be held at the Quandialla Central School COLA.  All local and ex-local artists are invited to exhibit their work for display and sale during the weekend.  There are no entry fees and no limits to the number of works each individual can exhibit.  There will be a special prize of $50 for the best Echidna art work in the painting and drawing section.

Echidna PhotoThose of us who call Quandialla home know that Quandialla is an aboriginal word meaning Spiny Anteater or Echidna which is why we are holding a very special Echidna Sculpture competition.  Your Echidna can be made of material such as metal, timber, clay, fabric, cardboard, paper, plastic or combinations thereof.  Generous prize money has been kindly donated for this unique competition, so let your imagination and creativity loose and create a distinctive sculpture for our competition.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:  Under 12 years, High School students, Adults and Pensioners with a special award given to the best Echidna made from recycled material.  Details and entry forms can be found by clicking on the link below.

Information and Entry Forms

All entries close on FRIDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER 2014

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