A Message from the Centenary Committee Chairman

A Message from the Centenary Committee Chairman

Welcome to the Quandialla webpage – an initiative of the Quandialla Centenary Committee and sponsored by the Quandialla Hall and Progress Association.  As 2013 commences, it is very timely to begin to crank up our centenary plans for the October Long Weekend 2014.  Our Committee feels that recognition and recording of the last 100 years can best be formalised by a publication of the history of our village and district.  As such, we have identified several areas we wish to cover and have co-ordinators for most of these:  Geo-Chronological, Farming and Family Identities, Town and Commerce, Social and Sporting, Railway History, Services and Schools.

A publication does take some time to put together.  The story is only the beginning. Therefore, we require as many articles as possible submitted by the end of March 2013.  See past Idle Chatters or History Book updates on this website for details.

The Centenary Celebration is at least a three pronged affair.

  1. To celebrate our Centenary in a party like fashion.
  2. To recognise, record and publish our history.
  3. To raise funds for our wonderful hall so that maintenance is ongoing- keeping it from falling into disrepair as has happened with so many community halls.

Please utilise our website contact details so that information can begin flowing and please also pass information about our website on to others.

Robert Reeves  (Centenary Committee Chairman)



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