Australia Day Celebrations

Australia Day Celebrations

Come join the fun as Quandialla celebrates Australia Day. There will be a activities to suit everyone!

Yabbie Competition:  Head down to your favourite dam and try your luck at catching the biggest or fastest yabbie of the day. Registration, weigh in and races will be held at the Bland Hotel from 6:00 pm.  For further information contact the Bland Hotel or Geoff E.

Swimming: The Quandialla Pool will be open from 2:30 pm.  Free entry on the day.

Bowls:  Australia Day Bowls will be held at the Bowling Club commencing at 3:00pm.  All ages welcome.  Flat sole shoes or bare feet acceptable. Bowls available for use.

Official Ceremony and  BBQ: Gather on the “back lawn” of the Bland Hotel at 6:30pm for the official Australia Day Ceremony, family BBQ and yabbie races.  Meat for the BBQ will be provided at no cost.  Please bring a salad to share. No BYO as hotel facilities will be available.

Bring your family and friends and help us Celebrate Australia Day.



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