Book Launch and Photos

Book Launch and Photos

 Quandialla: The First 100 Years 1914-2014

Quandialla The First 100 Years

The official launch of the Centenary Committee’s pride and joy “Quandialla: The First 100 years 1914-2014” took place at the Quandialla Bowling Club on Saturday September 13th 2014.  Many locals, as well as previous residents from the district and beyond, were in attendance to witness the launch of this much anticipated book. The opening address was delivered by Dr Val Noone.  He told the audience that “the book was not just about the township and the surrounding farms, but also about Quandialla as a hub in a wide web.”  Val also told the audience that the book is a big one consisiting of 482 pages and was edited by five people and published by the Quandialla Centenary Committee.  The editors were well known local history buffs Robert Reeves, Bill Deery, Sue Priestley, John Priestley and Lucy Nowlan-Kemp.  The other members of the hard working committee were Marlene Taylor, Maribeth Keir, Donna Slade, Narelle Gault and Sarah Ryan along with Graham and Angela Sweeny.

Book Launch 5
Dr Val Noone addressing the audience

Local historian Bruce Robinson also received a special mention for his efforts along with John Maloney and the late Gerry Walsh.  The audience was also told that the book has been in preparation since 2012 in order to give the project all the time it needed to come to fruition.

The book contains among other important material, 220 pages of family history – that includes 78 families and at least 1000 people who are mentioned by name.

Also included in the book, as well as farming, parenting and homemaking people are railway fettlers, charcoal burners, ring-barkers, timber splitters, teamsters with horses, tank-sinkers or dam builders, teachers, midwives, nurses, nuns, doctors, shopkeepers, motor mechanics and the blacksmith.  Who would have thought that all of those trades and professions were plied and were essential to the well-being of the community- even 100 years ago?  Val finished off by congratulating all concerned with the creation of the book.  He also told the audience that it is an important book because “it also shows us that at certain times, things might have turned out differently, that things today do not have to be the way they are.”

The afternoon concluded with delicious afternoon tea surrounded by a native flowers and a collection of historical artifacts displayed by Narelle Gault and her team of willing helpers.

Book Launch 1

If you would like to order a book, please contact Sue at the Quandialla Post Office so that numbers can be determined for our next printing.

 Excerpts taken from an article in “The Grenfell Record” dated September 17, 2014.
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